Mission & Values

Mosaic Makers Inc. is a not-for-profit arts program focusing on low-income communities and populations coping with violence and trauma. We involve people of all ages in making art out of broken plates, tiles and pottery. These murals, memorials and mandalas become treasured objects as well as catalysts for discussion and positive change. Transforming shattered pieces into a cohesive whole is a powerful experience of resilience, perspective and growth.

When a block, a corner, a building or park falls into disuse, it is usually overtaken by grime and crime, by weeds and garbage, by fear and violence. It becomes an ugly eyesore that people avoid — and over time, its trash overflows and its bad vibrations spread. Mosaic Makers reclaims these lost niches of the urban landscape and rejuvenates them with completely new energy – the energy of a beautiful public art object made by members of the community. Instead of looking away and detouring around it, residents now flock to the spot, a place of pride and peace for the neighborhood.

Building Neighborhood Pride and Personal Confidence
– replace devastation and dirt with beauty and art
– reclaim public space from crime and decay
– create positive memories for residents

Promoting Healing and Understanding
– teach people to release pain through creativity
– invite visual and verbal storytelling
– create therapeutic themes for the art project:
• How Do You Bring Peace To Relationships?
• How Can You Feel Good When You Look In the Mirror?

Working Through Negative Emotions
– create safe environment
– suspend stereotypes and judgments
– encourage private processing of feelings through art

Building A Shrine to Hope, Peace, And The Things We Love
– give alienated people the pride of making something beautiful
– help communities put dreams into words:
• B-More Peaceful.
• Hope.
• To New Beginnings.
• Communidad.

Sharing The Physical Act of Making Art
– share simple, soothing acts of gluing and tiling
– socialize without pressure to speak
– occupy hands and mind
– give instructions with simplicity and gentleness

Teaching Cooperation and Creative Collaboration
– strangers become friends when they work together
– trained facilitators turn conflicts into learning experiences
– “Nothing’s Wrong – Everything Can Be Fixed”
– allow space and time for groups to come together

Transforming Urban Landscape with Mosaic Murals
– reclaimed abandoned walls and buildings
– transform scary areas with public art
– add color and light
– use broken shards to make new wholes